The most efficient poke for your toke.

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A picture of a Ocean Blue Ash Heads Standard Kit

Tough On
on glass

Ash Heads attachments are soft enough to hug, yet strong enough to scrub away stubborn tar.

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A picture showing the cleaning capabilities of our Screen Saver attachments. With a Hawaiian Red Ash Heads ashtray in the background.

a poker
that goes
all the way

Our steel clearing tamper is durable and long enough to fully clear whatever you throw at it.

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A picture showcasing the ability of an Ash Heads Steel Tamper to fully debowl a slide. The Ashtray featured is an Obsidian Black Ash Heads debowling ashtray.

Patent Pending
Head Design's

Screen or no screen, Ash Heads attachments excel at clearing ash and scrubbing glass. Made of durable food-grade silicone, our heads are soft, flexible, and resistant to temperatures well over the inside of your bowl.

A high quality image showing an Ash Heads Ash Muncher attachment, as well as an Ash Muncher Mini attachment.

The Ash Muncher
& Muncher Mini

Created to effortlessly clear spent material and scrub tar with a simple twist. Your bowls and slides have never stayed cleaner before using an Ash Muncher cleaning head.

A detailed image of an Ash Heads Screen Saver Attachment, as well as a Screen Saver Mini.

The Screen Saver
& Saver Mini

Our Screen Saver cleaning heads excel at keeping your wire screen clear of tar and ash. If you enjoy your smoke using a screen, the Screen Saver is the head for you.

An Obsidian Black Ash Heads ashtray demonstrating the ability to fully debowl a large glass slide.

The Hole Punch

Our high-grade steel tamper clears your pipe with ease. Made from robust thin steel, our pick fully passes through any slide or bowl, while durable enough to keep it's shape.

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What People Say

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@girlsmakeitgrow (Instagram)

"Once you go Ash Heads, there's no going back to a boring ashtray. This ashtray is the best thing for any smoker, with multiple tools at your exposure you can clean your bowls from small to large. Everyone must experience this ashtray at least once in their life!"

Our red pipe cleaning ashtray in use by a customer.


"I freaking love it! What a great idea! So much easier after I take bong rips to clear the slide! Seriously brilliant."

Our debowling ashtray sitting on the rail of a yacht.

Cory A.
(Venice, FL)

"Changing the smoking game....​

I've been lucky enough to try some of the products out and they make so much F**king sense. Great products coming from great people."

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