we areAsh Heads
And cleaner, better tasting smoke is our mission.

Why we love clean smoke

Because we're smokers too, and we know the frustration of trying to deal with a cashed bowl. Our kits were created to solve the problems we've encountered over 55 years of combined smoking experience.

An infographic panel listing the multiple features of our Ash Heads Kit.
A picture of our Ash Heads ashtray kit in Hawaiian Red, with "The Ash Heads Kit' title above it.
A picture of an Ocean Blue Ash Heads kit sitting atop it's mailer box on a kayak.

Who's this for?

Our ashtray kits are for anyone who enjoys the taste of a freshly cleaned bowl, hassle-free ash clearing, and getting the most out of their tasty flower.

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An infographic listing the multiple features of an Ash Heads Head Stand.
A picture of our Ash Heads Head Stand in blue, with "The Head Stand" title above it.
A picture of a black Head Stand using its magnetic base to lift away a rolling tray.

Who's this for?

For the organized smoker looking to keep their extra attachments and precious slides neatly organized in one convenient place.

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Our Mission

When we started Ash Heads, we did it with one intention. Finding a quicker way to clear a pipe . But over time it became much more than that. Seeing the impact our kits have on the quality of our customers consumption got us thinking bigger. Our mission is not only to make bowl clearing an easier experience. But to also make smoking in general a cleaner, healthier, overall more enjoyable experience, for each and every one of our customers.

Out of frustration one weekend, a screw was driven through the bottom of an old ashtray to clear out our dirty bowls - and our first prototype was unintentionally created. With the little engineering knowledge retained from a high school class mainly attended while high, we got to work and haven't stopped since. ​

The Ash Heads ashtray has undergone quite a bit of cosmetic surgery since then. Through multiple designs, redesigns, and many many bowl packs of first hand research and development - we've created the last ashtray you will ever need.
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